Why stay at a B&B

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Why Choose a Bed & Breakfast?

Do you remember the hotel room that you stayed in 5 years ago? Probably not. But people who stay at Bed & Breakfasts remember, because their experience is so unique and special. Innkeepers take great pride in their home, and enjoy sharing it with people who appreciate its distinctive history and personality. But what really sets B&Bs apart are the innkeepers, who blend the skills of a chef, waiter, historian, tour guide, librarian, housekeeper, decorator, and gardener, to make every guest’s experience a delight. And with the wonderful variety of Authentic Bed & Breakfasts of Lancaster County, you’re sure to find the B&B that’s just right for your travel needs.

What is a Bed & Breakfast?

It is a package arrangement that includes overnight accommodations and breakfast. B&Bs are generally small, owner-occupied establishments, ranging in location from city, to small towns, to country settings, to farms. And while breakfast styles, room configurations, and specific amenities of each B&B vary, they all excel at providing their guests with warm hospitality and that home-away-from-home feeling.

How is a B&B different from a hotel?

While most hotels offer cookie-cutter rooms in humdrum buildings, each Bed & Breakfast is unique in its architectural style, guest room decor, and amenities offered. B&B styles range from elegant to rustic, and everything in between. Within the pages of this Authentic B&B website, you’re sure to find a B&B that suits your taste.

There are other differences between a B&B and a hotel that guests should be aware of. Bed & Breakfasts do not have a front desk staff or 24-hour phone coverage. Innkeepers are most easily reached by phone or email between the hours of 10 AM and 9 PM. When making your reservation, the innkeeper will inform you of their individual policies regarding check-in and check-out times, deposits, cancellation fees, and smoking policies. Any special needs should be discussed with the innkeepers, so that they may properly prepare for your visit.

Are B&Bs for everyone?

If you require a cocktail lounge, late night room service, or valet parking, then a Bed & Breakfast probably won’t be your first choice. But if you’re looking for a peaceful atmosphere, delicious home-cooked breakfasts, personal attention, comfortable beds, well-appointed rooms, recommendations on restaurants and activities, and meeting other interesting guests, then a Bed & Breakfast is for you! Whether you’re coming to the area for a romantic retreat, family vacation, girlfriends’ getaway, or business travel, we have a B&B that will suit your needs perfectly, an Authentic Bed & Breakfast of Lancaster County!

What type of breakfasts are served at B&Bs?

Breakfast is one of the most enjoyable and memorable aspects of staying at a B&B. And, as with everything else about B&Bs, nothing is standardized. Whether your B&B serves a multi-course breakfast, family style breakfast, breakfast buffet, or continental breakfast, you can be sure that your innkeepers’ attention to ingredients, taste, and presentation will result in a mouthwatering experience. Most B&Bs can accommodate special dietary needs of their guests, as long as they know ahead of time. This may include such diets as vegetarian, vegan, diabetic, low-fat, low-salt, gluten-free, etc. And many innkeepers are happy to share their favorite breakfast recipes with their guests. You may even be able to purchase a cookbook that contains their favorite dishes. Bon appetit!

How much does a B&B cost?

Nightly rates for 2 people can range from as low as $85 to over $250, depending on the specific B&B, room size and type, amenities, location, and season. Many B&Bs have accommodations that can sleep more than 2 people, usually with an additional charge.

Various specials and/or packages are frequently offered by B&Bs. Be sure to ask when making your reservation.

In Lancaster County, 7.1% tax is added to your room charge. This is a significant saving compared to the 11% tax charged at hotels.

While many B&Bs accept major credit cards, some still require cash or travelers cheques, so it’s a good idea to check with the innkeeper when making your reservation.

Do I have to share a bathroom?

Most B&Bs today have private bathrooms, although a few may still have shared bathrooms with some of their rooms. Bathroom sizes and configurations vary, and may include a shower, tub/shower, or whirlpool tub. Bathroom information can be found on each B&B’s website, or by contacting the B&B by phone or email.

What about tipping?

If you choose to leave a tip it will certainly be appreciated. Some larger B&Bs, with part-time help, may even leave an envelope in the guest room for tips.

What about reviews?

Guests can show their appreciation to the innkeepers by posting a glowing review on one of the many internet sites that potential visitors look at. These reviews help attract new guests to the B&B, and are always appreciated. Two of the larger ones are TripAdvisor.com and Google.com, or you can ask your innkeepers which websites would be most helpful to them.

Are my children welcome at a B&B?

Some B&Bs welcome children of all ages, some allow children above a certain age, and some cater to adults only. Some B&Bs can only accommodate children in certain rooms or cottages, and some vary their policies based on the season or events in the area. Some B&Bs have cribs and high chairs available, and some even have play areas or farm activities available for kids. So if you are traveling with children you should definitely discuss all details with the innkeeper at the time of your reservation, so they can properly prepare for your stay, explain any charges that apply, and reserve an appropriate room for you.

Can we bring our pet along?

B&B policies on pets differ. Some B&Bs allow pets in specific rooms, but the number, size, and type of pet allowed may vary. Many B&Bs do not accommodate guest pets, even if the innkeepers have pets of their own. Most B&Bs can recommend a nearby kennel or other facility that can accommodate your pet. So if you plan to travel with a pet, you should definitely check with your innkeepers when you make your reservation. Keep in mind that a last minute decision to bring your pet may result in a cancellation charge if your B&B does not accept pets.

May I smoke in the B&B?

As a general rule, B&Bs do not allow smoking inside their buildings. This is due to insurance requirements, the well-being of the B&B, and the comfort of other guests. In fact, some B&Bs will charge you a significant cleaning fee if you choose to ignore their smoking policy. This fee enables the B&B to recover the cost of returning the room to its smoke-free condition for the next guest occupying that room. Many B&Bs do permit smoking in designated outdoor areas. Smokers should discuss specific policies with the innkeepers when making a reservation.

Are B&Bs a good choice for business travelers?

Yes! In recent years many B&Bs have added amenities that cater to the business traveler. High speed internet access, desks, flexible check-in & check-out times, flexible breakfast times, and intimate meeting facilities are now offered in many B&Bs. Special mid-week rates are also commonly available for business travelers. These factors, combined with the safe, relaxing environment of a B&B, are making many business travelers re-think their customary lodging choices. Try a Bed & Breakfast on your next business trip, and we think you’ll agree!