Lancaster County is known throughout the United States as one of the largest homes to the Amish, as well a historically rich area of Pennsylvania. What many people do not realize is the ever changing, constantly expanding art scene, as well as Lancaster’s great focus on the health of both body and mind.

For instance, there are multiple yoga studios in downtown Lancaster, as well as weekly yoga classes at Tellus360, an almost impossible to classify venue that does a bit of everything…with beer of course.

Lindsey Smith

On April 30, Tellus360 will host Body Love Yoga + You!, a collaborative effort by the Food Mood Girl, Lindsey Smith, and yoga instructor Sarah Yukie Gingrich from Pop-Up Yoga Lancaster. The event will cost $20 before April 24 and $25 after, but it is a 3 hour event that includes everything from local health vendors to a full Slow Flow Vinyasa class. The three hours center around loving and accepting your body, and it will finish with body love meditation, a shot of green juice, dark chocolate, and a musical performance. It is a perfect introduction to the world of yoga and natural living.

Lancaster is indeed a historically rich area, but that history does not only center around the Amish. Art exhibits are incredibly common in downtown Lancaster and beyond, and Demuth Museum is a great example of this.

Demuth Museum is hosting a very unique exhibit until July 6 called James Warhola: Visiting A Pop Icon. The exhibit centers around the original watercolor illustrations by James Warhola from his children’s book, “Uncle Andy’s.” The book describes Warhola’s childhood visits to his uncle, Andy Warhol, in his New York City townhouse. The exhibit will not only feature artwork from James Warhola, but pages from Andy Warhol’s sketchbooks will also be on display.

An illustration by James Warhola

This event is great way to understand the genius of Andy Warhol from a family member’s perspective, and a great stop on any trip to Lancaster. The event requires no tickets, only admission by donation.

Whether you appreciate the simple living of the Amish and their farms, or you wish to experience something even more unique and unexpected, Lancaster County is always brimming with new and interesting things. As always, it is one thing to experience all that Lancaster County has to offer, but you will only receive luxurious treatment while doing it if you stay at an Authentic Bed & Breakfast of Lancaster County.