Hello my fellow epicureans! Just thought I would send a little greeting to all of you and fill you in on some exciting news from Lancaster County. Those of you that know I am all about the food; how to cook it, how to manipulate flavor, where to buy it, how to grow it, where to dine, got a great recipe, upcoming trends and so on… I think you might get the picture…. That’s me!
So in saying all of that, Lancaster has recently started the Second Sunday Events downtown. This event showcases new culinary trends, great restaurants, great food and great music as well. The event was made to bring attention to the important role that Lancaster plays in the culinary arena.
You see, it is a little known fact from most that Lancaster has everything that a true gourmet would/could need. Of course we can not grow tropical produce in our neck of the woods; however the area is prime for the freshest and varied of ingredients. Organic… with the recent push for wholesome, fresh local and organic, we have that topped as well.
So as the summer continues, Building Character is heading the campaign to tempt you with all that Lancaster has to offer… check them out and see for your self… Your gonna’ like it!
Below is a little excerpt from Building Character:
Join BUiLDiNG CHARACTER and East Side Community Kitchen for 2nd Sunday Flavor Fair, June through October every 2nd Sunday. Discover Lancaster’s tastiest flavor, showcasing the talents of local foodies. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. enjoy scrumptious food and live music. Located 342 North Queen Street Lancaster, PA 17603 rear warehouses.

Posted by Carl Kosko at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast