Aunt Cathy’s Beef Brisket (for next day)


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  • 1 brisket (5-8 lb.) lightly trimmed
  • 1 can regular coke
  • 1 packet onion soup mix
  • 1 bottle chili sauce
  • optional: add 1 c. ketchup for extra sauce
  • 1 oven bag


  • Make marinade: combine coke, sauce, onion soup mix.
  • Place brisket in oven bag and pour marinade over brisket.
  • Bake according to directions on oven bag box.
  • Allow to cool when done.
  • Transfer to casserole dish and cover/refrigerate overnight.
  • To serve: slice brisket on bias and reheat in covered casserole until warm.
  • Serve as is or on sandwich/sub rolls.