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If the streets of Lancaster could talk, they would tell captivating stories about how it came to be the magnificent destination it is today. It’s rich in history, culture, and architecture with just the right amount of intrigue peppered in. And if anyone can bring it all back to life, it’s the folks at loKal Experiences, who feature tours throughout the county combined with locally made sweets, treats, and beers. “The inspiration for loKal came from the realization that experiences are what we ultimately value over ‘things,’” says Mike Simmons, owner of loKal. “We felt that with the great number of people visiting Lancaster every year, there was a need for creating authentic, expertly delivered experiences that could impact people and last a lifetime.” And after having the opportunity to take a tour with loKal, it’s apparent they are hitting that mark on serving up those experiences.

One of loKal’s most popular tours is the Lancaster History and Craft Beer Walk, where loKal perfectly pairs the right amount of downtown history with refreshing pints at some of Lancaster’s finest establishments. Guests travel back in time with a tour guide, stopping at well-known spots that highlight beautiful architecture as well as hidden gems like Old Town and the underground railroad that was uncovered in Thaddeus Stevens’ residence. Along the way, guests learn how brewing beer also played a significant part in Lancaster’s history and hear stories about prohibition in Lancaster and how some folks cleverly tiptoed their way around it.

The downtown tour is just one of many experiences loKal offers. Guests can choose a Truly Authentic Lancaster Experience, Tour and Meal with an Amish Family, Sweet and Savory tour, a VIP Restaurant tour and more. “Our goal is to bring those experiences to the public,” Simmons continues. “But only those that we have a particular expertise in or unique access to, so that our guests are offered opportunities unavailable through others and unattainable on their own.”

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Keep an eye out for additional tour opportunities. The company is working on developing new experiences to provide guests with even more options, such as the “Unique Amish Immersion.” Simmons describes the tour as stops at Amish properties available only to loKal guests, featuring a comprehensive history of the Amish in Lancaster as well as their culture, education, religion, and general way of life complete with Amish treats along the way.

“Our guests often can’t believe that we are able to provide them such intimate, one-on-one opportunities to experience the Amish and their way of life through our personal relationships with them.” Simmons explains. “And once exposed to the city and all of its rich history and culture, they will say while shaking their heads in wonder ‘I had no idea!’”

LoKal partners with Authentic Bed & Breakfast as a passport partner, so be sure to ask your innkeeper about a discount and enjoy an adventure with one of Lancaster’s leading tour companies. For more information, visit loKal’s website Find an inn that it’ll perfectly pair with your tour at

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