Did you ever think about keeping chickens? No?  Maybe you should think again.  If your zoning allows, think about fresh eggs every morning. Think omelets, scrambled eggs, or over-easy with nice big golden yolks. How can you go wrong?

Did you ever think about chickens having a personality? Free range chickens can be characters.  Did you know that hens can lay eggs without having a rooster nearby? It is possible. The eggs will never hatch but the eggs will come daily. Chickens will lay eggs the same color as their earlobes. So, if their earlobes are blue, they will lay a blue egg, if white, white eggs and if their earlobes are red, they will lay brown eggs.

If you want nothing to do with owning chickens but crave a delicious local egg, you may be in luck.  There are many bed and breakfasts in Lancaster County that serve fresh local eggs. Come find out and enjoy the freshness that Lancaster County is known for.

Your humor for the day… 
Why do chickens say ‘Bach’? Because that can’t say Beethoven.

Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide.

Submitted by: Liz Ehrhart, Furnace Hills Bed and Breakfast