Baked Oatmeal



1 3/4 C. Rolled Oats
1/4 C. Steel Cut Oats
1 1/2 t. Baking Powder
1 t. Salt
1 t. Cinnamon
1/2 C. Brown Sugar
1 t. Vanilla
1 C. Milk
1 egg
2 T. Applesauce
1/4 C. Oil
1 C. topping of choice (blueberries, banana walnut, apple spice, cranberry almond, etc.)

Mix dry ingredients together.
In a large bowl, whisk egg, milk, vanilla, oil and applesauce together.
Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and mix.
Place in an 8x8 baking dish.
Cover and place in refrigerator overnight.
Preheat oven to 350°.
Remove oatmeal from refrigerator while oven heats.
Add toppings. Bake covered 20 minutes.
Uncover and bake an additional 5-10 minutes.
Let stand 5-10 minutes before serving.

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